Nabídka pro cestovní kanceláře

We can adjust the group menu for tourists to you needs to any extent and composition. Everything will be customized to our client‘s request.

Menus used most frequently:

Menu 1: 
Broccoli soup
Port cutlet ala “gipsy”
Roasted potatoes
Fruit cake

Menu 2: 
Chicken broth with meat and noodles
Pork and sauerkraut goulash ”Special”
Bread dumplings
Punch cake

Menu 3: 
“Frankfurt” sausage soup
Roasted chicken drumsticks (300 g.)
Mashed potatoes
„Schwarzwälder“ cake

Menu 4: 
Ham and cheese plate
Broccoli soup
½ chicken steak ½ pork steak with mushrooms
½ rice ½ French fries
Punch cake

Menu 5: 
French pate with cranberries
Semolina soup with eggs
Roasted chicken drumsticks (300 g.)
Mashed potatoes
Poppy seed cake with whipped cream

Menu 6:
Potato soup
Roast Pork with sauerkraut
Bread dumplings and potato dumplings
Pancakes with vanilla sauce and raisins (2 pcs)

Menu 7: 
Smoked salmon with creime fraiche
Venison saddle with double sauce, sautéed mushrooms and grilled vegetables
Mashed potatoes
Caramel cake with chocolate

Menu 8: 
Venison pate with “Cumberland” sauce, toast
Chicken soup with almonds and leek 
Steamed salmon roll with Dijon mustard and herbs, 
served with cheese sauce and sprout pudding
Chilled fruit in a white yogurt

Menu 9: 
Fried shrimp with spicy sauce
Creamy vegetable soup with bread croutons
Pork tenderloin in apple-mushroom sauce “Magdalena”
Potato pancakes (2 pcs) and potato rösti (2pc) 

Menu 10: 
Caviar Sorbet
Borscht with sour cream
Beef fillet stuffed with bacon and asparagus with a sauce of pink petals,
roasted bell peppers and mashed potatoes
Raspberry Cream

Each menu is served with white bread and still water. The choice of soup or dessert may be altered if you wish. Should our offer not suit your needs, we will prepare a menu based on your individual requirements.
We look forward to your visit